Customer loyalty
at its best!

By checking out with dine+go, your guests will enjoy their dining experience until the very end. Both the guests and waiting staff save time at the payment stage. Better service means more tips and more guests!

dine+go enables restaurants to deliver a great dining experience by making payment invisible.

Save time

With dine+go, waiting staff don’t have to bring a bill or prepare an invoice, especially during peak times.

Happy guests

Restaurant guests enjoy their dining experience until the very end. Happy guests leave higher tips and come back!

Attract more guests

Offering dine+go makes the dining experience so convenient, business or private guests will prefer your restaurant.

Increase the average bill

dine+go users very often go out for business lunches. The average bill amount goes up!

How it works

1. Check-in and welcome

The guest selects and checks in to your restaurant. The guest’s face or name appears on the screen, enabling a personalized welcome. The guest is assigned to a table in the cashier system. The waiting staff opens a table (or “tab”).

2. Ordering

The guest places his or her order as usual with the waiting staff as this is an important part of the service.

3. Pay and tip

Once the guest is ready, he or she taps on “leave”. Waiting staff will be notified and can close the open table (or “tab”). Confirmation of payment is sent from dine+go to the cashier system. The tip is preset at 15% but can be changed by the guest.

4. Electronic invoice

For business lunches, the guest receives an electronic invoice at the pre-registered billing address. It can be integrated into the guest’s expense management system.

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