Streamline your business meal policy and improve your employees’ satisfaction

dine+go is the right tool to steer your business meal policy. It will save time for your employees and improve the expense claim process.

dine+go makes payment invisible and enables corporate management of business meal policy.

Smooth experience

No more stress for your employees when checking out at restaurants.


The invoicing address and billing data are stored in the dine+go profile. This is a guarantee of accuracy and compliance.

Automated expense management

dine+go avoids cash payments and enables a direct integration into the expense management system.

Security and data protection

dine+go meets the highest standard in data security and data protection as a subsidiary of AirPlus International, a Lufthansa Group company.

How it works

1. Employees onboarding

Your employee (Guest) has already downloaded the app and created his or her profile. He or she can create a private and a business profile with the corresponding billing information and credit cards.

2. Restaurant discovery

The employee will see in his or her app the list of restaurants accepting dine+go.

3. Pay with the app

With just one click, the employee checks out and receives the electronic invoice.

4. Billing & cost allocation

The guest who has invited the group will receive the invoice on mentioning the billing information stored in his or her profile. Payment history can be consulted at any time.

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