The mobile payment and easy check-out for frequent diners

With just one click, you get your bill and can simply leave the restaurant. No more waiting for the bill or receipt!

dine+go makes payment invisible, enabling you to enjoy your dining experience.


No need to call the waiter nor to wait for the bill. With one click, you are good to go!


It takes two minutes to sign up. You can manage your multiple profiles, preferred credit cards, pre-set your tip and store your billing address.


dine+go meets the highest standard in data security as a subsidiary of AirPlus International, a Lufthansa Group company.

dine+go: Whenever you want!

Choosing meal from menu

Lunch break

It is 12:30 and you go out for lunch with two colleagues at a restaurant close to your offices. Since you only have one hour, it has to be fast!

Because you check in with the app, the waiter knows that you will pay with dine+go. You enjoy the meal and conversation with your colleagues.

When it is time to leave and attend your next meeting, you just tap on “leave”. The meal is paid with your selected credit card.

Business Lunch

You invite one of your customers for lunch. You both have a tight schedule and need to be back in the office at 2pm. It is crowded and quite a challenge for the waiter to serve all the tables, bring the bill and the credit card device. In your app, you have pre-selected your corporate card, specified the billing address and pre-set the tip percentage.

You have covered all the topics you wanted to cover and can conclude your lunch without being interrupted by the payment process. When it is time to leave to attend your next meeting, you just tap on “leave”. Your invoice has already been sent to your app and is ready for your expense management system.

Businesspeople having lunch at restaurant and  studying paperwork
Business meeting in a cafe

Team dinner

Time to celebrate the great achievements of your team. You invite them to a nice restaurant. Since it will be quite a large amount, you have selected your virtual card for the payment with dine+go. Once you have enjoyed the team dinner, the bill is settled without impacting your personal account. The invoice is allocated to your cost center and is ready to be processed.

Family dinner

The week-end is here and you go out to your favorite restaurant with your wife and (two) children. In your app, you have pre-selected your private card and pre-set the tip percentage. The restaurant is busy and the waiter does not notice the customers who have been waving their hands for a while to get their bills.

Your children want to play outside. In dine+go, you just tap on “leave” and go off to enjoy your week-end.

Young happy family spending a day in a city cafe.

Winner of the Lufthansa Innovation Award 2016

Ludovic Ciannarella – Co-founder of dine+go

Who we are

In a digital world, it is hard to believe that you have to pay cash only or wait up to ten minutes before you can settle your meal or purchases. Most people enjoy eating and shopping BUT most people feel uncomfortable at the payment stage.

Why can’t we make payment invisible starting with the restaurant experience?

After one year of research, this is the vision that AirPlus and two start-ups in Berlin have decided to make a reality. Just dine and go.

dine+go is a digital venture powered by AirPlus International, a leading provider of corporate travel payment solutions. His team leader, Ludovic Ciannarella, is an enthusiastic diner and new business developper. We are fully excited to deliver an innovative solution in the foodtech world.

We truly believe that the association of a trusted financial institution with a network of agile start-ups will deliver the best customer experience.

Our purpose is to deliver the best experience in restaurants with no compromise on data security or data privacy.

How it works

1. Check-in

You select the restaurant and check in once you enter.

2. Welcome

Waiting staff will give you a personal welcome and get you seated. Then you just order with them as usual.

3. Pay with the app

When you are ready, tap on “leave” and you are good to go. The waiting staff will be notified that you have settled with dine+go and will know how much you tipped.

4. Electronic invoice

Should you need an invoice, you will receive one on mentioning the billing address you have stored in your profile. You can consult your payment history at any time.

Are you interested?

Request a free invitation to our early community today.

We work with trusted global partners

dine+go is a digital venture of AirPlus International and is supported by the Lufthansa Innovation Fund. Our global network helps us focus on offering the best user experience and meet the highest quality standards of the travel and payment industry.


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